Radiotherapy Margins

Margins   Treatment planning is based on a static view of a living, and therefore, a very non-static patient. With the development of conformal radiotherapy and computational planning techniques the need for uniform recording, reporting and prescribing arose to account for uncertainties arising from this problem.   ICRU Reports 50 and 62 filled this need […]

Estro 2014 (Monday/Tuesday)

Monday and Tuesday Teaching lecture: treatment planning techniques to handle geometrical and anatomical uncertainties: state of the art. M. Sohn, Germany This talk was really interesting and really complicated (I was really tired) about probabilistic planning. The main thing I got from it was that this was a great solution for when margins fail, like […]

Estro 2014 (Sunday)

Managed out of bed in a much more together and timely way this morning (as I forgot to order my Elekta dinner tickets for last night) for the 8am teaching lecture on automated Monte Carlo treatment planning and Pareto navigation by Seb Breedveld. This had been a tough decision as in the next room Marco […]

Estro 2014 (Saturday)

ESTRO 33 – 4th-8th 2014 @Vienna – a summary so far  Friday Arriving to Vienna via Bratislava (due to the cheap Ryan air option) I realised I had arrived in Vienna a day early for the conference. The conference fully got underway on Saturday with pre-conference workshops on Friday and the opening ceremony that evening. […]


My slides from the NPL course this week. Will try write feedback soon!   Incorporating and Managing Uncertainties in PBT

ICMP 2013, Brighton

Addenbrooke’s Medical Physics department had several abstracts for both poster and oral presentations accepted at the International Conference of Medical Physics 2013 (ICMP 2013) held at Brighton. There was a particle therapy session with speakers Ranald Mackay from the Christie discussing the process of bringing protons to Manchester, Tony Lomax from PSI speaking on 4d […]

Work in Progress, 2011

Click here for my WIP talk I presented at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge in 2011 on Radiotherapy and my PhD topic. Selwyn WIP talk 2011 (not all images are my own)

Lessons learned – Halfway Thesis

1. Commitment – Always commit to your decisions. 2. Sticks and Carrots – I am motivated by the stick, not the carrot. Know what motivates you and use it. I need to set deadlines, you may need to receive rewards. 3. Weaknesses and Fears – Taking on a PhD makes you see the worst in […]

Betrayed by nature

Dr Robin Hesketh is a fellow at the University of Cambridge, and like me, a member of Selwyn College. Dr Heketh is a scientist who has worked all his life in research institutes and universities and for 25 years has worked in the biochemistry department at Cambridge. His major research area is the development of […]

Our NHS, Our cuts, Our losses

The NHS grew out of the devastation of the second world war and is for many thought of with pride as a ‘testimony to human altruism’. In Cambridge I am continuously impressed by the diversity of students that come to study here. I enjoy observing our differences and our similarities, and learning of other cultures and traditions. […]